Case Studies

Carmela from Wiltshire

Carmela is a six-year-old little girl who lives with her parents in Wiltshire.


Carmela has LMNA- related congenital muscular dystrophy, a rare and progressive condition which unfortunately means that she cannot walk unaided for more than 5 minutes as her muscles are weak. Carmela has a very bubbly personality but she was missing out of family walks and other social opportunities.

Carmela’s mum, Lucy, first heard from Whizz-Kidz from their occupational therapist. Carmela already had a powered wheelchair so they decided to apply for a trike. Trikes are important pieces of equipment not only for the playful element, but also because there are a great alternative to painful physiotherapy sessions. “To do half an hour a day of physiotherapy is boring for an adult, imagine for a six-year-old girl!”

After a few phone assessments, Whizz-Kidz was able to provide Carmela with a shiny new trike. She even got to pick the colour: bright pink! Lucy said “The trike is a vital piece of equipment for physical therapy. Carmela’s condition requires that she has to be very active and the trike is just perfect for that, we use it at least twice a week. It’s also easier for us to use it for short distances, instead of her powered wheelchair”. “Carmela really enjoys going on rides around the neighbourhood with her dog and it has made her feel more independent”